Curating the Cheese Assortment

More about the cheese selection process…

I am very particular when it comes to curating my cheese assortment.

First, most of my cheese comes from independent producers and small family farms. I feel it is important support the craft, artistry, and cultural history these cheese makers offer. I also offer select name protected cheeses from larger producers. Secondly, my cheese comes from animals raised on grass. The reasons for this are many but here are two: the cheese is higher in omega 3, which makes it healthier for you, and, it simply tastes better, too. Lastly, I consider if a particular cheese is award-winning, innovative, or unusual. You deserve the best.

Formaticum Cheese Paper

When you decide on a particular cheese I cut it to order for you. I cut it right from the wheel and wrap it in special cheese paper. The paper is from Formaticum in New York. Why special paper?

  • Cheese is a living food. Preserving its life, and flavor, is the goal.
  • Formaticum paper has two layers. This allows the cheese to breathe: an important part of of the chemical process.
  • Proper storage can prolong a cheese’s life and its overall flavor.

Together, this demanding selection process ensures that you only enjoy the best possible product.

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