More Cheeses from Neal’s Yard Dairy

More cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy…

Colston Bassett Stilton is the last Stilton being produced entirely by hand.

Mrs. Kirkham’s Lancashire is made by the traditional method. It is a raw milk cheese that is cloth bound for aging and rubbed in butter versus being waxed. The use of butter versus wax creates more air flow for the cheese and contributes to its dreamy texture.


Coolea is an Irish farmstead cheese being made in the style of a Gouda. You get lovely butterscotch notes with a complex umami finish.

coolea 2

We have Cornish Yarg. This Irish farmstead cheese is wrapped in nettles from the family farm. It is a “butter crumble.” The recipe is based on Cheshire with the nettles adding a subtle, spicy note.

cornish yarg 2

Gubbeen is a washed rind that is handmade in County Cork, Ireland. It has earthy, creamy and lactic notes. There is only one piece of this cheese left. Respond (quickly) to this email if you would like me to hold it for you.

ardahan 2
Sold Out! Harbourne Blue is a goat milk blue from England. It is sweet and spicy with lingering flavors. This is a unique goat milk blue–the only one in England. 14 pounds of this cheese sold out in 5 days. Go Lexington! We will have another in 7 weeks.
harbourne blue

Neal’s Yard Dairy hand selects these cheeses from the finest producers in the UK. They age them in their own facility and ship to me when the cheeses will be peaking upon arrival.

I consider all of the cheeses in my collection to be extraordinary. Neal’s Yard cheeses are a cut above.

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