Washed Rind Cheeses

Cheeses fall roughly into families. These are cheeses made with similar techniques. No cheese family is more misunderstood than the washed rind.These cheeses are washed or bathed to encourage the development of a particular rind. It is this rind that imparts earthy, umami notes into the final product.

The cheeses can be bathed in a simple brine or in wine, beer or liquor.

Washed rind cheeses vary greatly in their final outcome–from very soft and unctuous to hard and aged. The tie that binds is the washing process and the presence of the sought-after b. linens. You can recognize a washed rind by the natural pink to orange hue in the rind.

Don’t be scared if these cheeses have strong aromas. They are generally much milder on the palate than they are on the nose.

Washed rinds at Cheese to You this week include: Taleggio, Quadrello di Bufala, Grayson, Comte and Challerhocker. Sampler Collection available.

Quadrello di Bufala
Grayson Challerhocker
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