“The finest, freshest olive oils in the world” from Veronica Foods now at Cheese to You.

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I am so pleased to be working with the finest olive oil importer in the nation: Veronica Foods.
70% of the extra virgin olive oils are on the market are fake.
Olive Oil Times and UC Davies report on olive oil fraud
Find out how your oil rates by clicking the link below. It takes you to the chart of  oils. The notes in yellow mean fraud.
Chart of Olive oils tested for authenticity

Veronica Foods has independent, third party testing of each of their oils. The tests determine chemical composition, purity, freshness and taste analysis.

Veronica Foods CEO, Veronica Bradley, oversees the harvest and milling of her cultivars (olive farms). Olives are milled between 2 and 4 hours of harvest.

These oils will be kept at the shop in air and light free containers. I will bottle them for you when you select your oil. This way they are as fresh as possible.

You can taste any oil or vinegar before you buy.

It is legal and common practice for olive oil companies to use oils from the last 2 harvests with a small amount of the current year’s harvest. These oils are labeled with the youngest oil’s year. Result: old oxidized oil.

All Veronica Foods oils have the exact date of harvest. No trickery is done. You can taste this. It is also evident in the high “DAG” analysis in the chemical tests.
UC Davis Best Practices for Buyers

Also evident in the chemical analysis is the level of polyphenerols in the oils. These are the antioxidants that are good for your health and good for the health of the oil.

The higher the antioxidant levels, the higher the smoke point. Forget the myth that you shouldn’t cook with extra virgin olive oil. Pick the right one.

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