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Cheese to You has Moved!

You can now find your favorite cheeses, olive oils, balsamic vinegars and more at 32 S. Main in Historic Downtown Lexington. Come and see the broader selection and roomier space.

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“The finest, freshest olive oils in the world” from Veronica Foods now at Cheese to You.

I am so pleased to be working with the finest olive oil importer in the nation: Veronica Foods. 70% of the extra virgin olive oils are on the market are fake. Olive Oil Times and UC Davies report on olive oil fraud Find out how your oil rates by clicking the link below. It takes […]

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Triple creams are back!

Pierre Robert is a French triple cream that is made a triple by the addition of creme fraiche versus straight cream. You have to taste this one to believe it! Delice de Bourgogne is a French triple cream that my customers like to call “cheese ice cream.” Kunik is made at Nettle Meadow Dairy in […]

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Cracking open a 55 pound Montgomery’s Cheddar

For those of you who have been admiring the 55 pound wheel of Montgomery’s Cheddar, it is time to taste it! This is the first time that I have been brave enough to order a cheese of this size.  You will be among the first in our community to taste it.

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Vacherin Mont d”or

Vacherin Mont d’Or has arrived. I have hunted this cheese for two years. Supplies are very limited. Vacherin Mont d”Or is only available October-April. It is made on the Mont d’Or (Golden Mountain) in Switzerland at elevations no lower than 2,297 feet. The rind is washed giving it a characteristic orange pink hue. It is […]

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Enter the Buffalo

The Buffalos… Buffalo Mozzarella is back. Quadrello di Bufala returns. This washed rind cheese is made from the milk of water buffalo. The milk is prized for its richness and flavor. Quadrello is made in the style of a Taleggio. The cheese is washed with brine during aging to encourage the growth of a natural, […]

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Washed Rind Cheeses

Cheeses fall roughly into families. These are cheeses made with similar techniques. No cheese family is more misunderstood than the washed rind.These cheeses are washed or bathed to encourage the development of a particular rind. It is this rind that imparts earthy, umami notes into the final product. The cheeses can be bathed in a […]

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More Cheeses from Neal’s Yard Dairy

More cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy… Colston Bassett Stilton is the last Stilton being produced entirely by hand. Mrs. Kirkham’s Lancashire is made by the traditional method. It is a raw milk cheese that is cloth bound for aging and rubbed in butter versus being waxed. The use of butter versus wax creates more air […]

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Sad news for the cheese community

Sad news for the cheese community: we have lost two giants. Dr. Pat Elliot and Fred Hull have each left holes in the tight knit world of cheese. Dr. Elliot was a practicing medical doctor who got her first sheep in order to keep her border collie occupied. She rose to the top of the […]

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The last of the Appalachian

Appalachian is our local cheese hero. It is made at Meadow Creek Dairy in Galax, VA. The last of the season has just arrived. Appalachian is an Alpine-style cheese. It is made from the milk of cows on pasture. When animals are allowed to live their natural life cycle, they only produce milk when they […]

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